Terms of service

*Please note, this service only includes video editing. Filming, photography, photo scanning and photo manipulation NOT provided.


  • Ensure all required information is provided before submitting your order (e.g. photo amount, title, songs...).

  • Ensure your requested music will cover the videos duration, if not, video will remain silent. (Video lengths can be seen under photo amounts).

  • Ensure you have a valid google account (Gmail) to access Google Drive.

  • Ensure files (photos/videos) are the best possible resolution. Low quality files will remain low quality and blurry files will remain blurry. (Remember: no photo scanning or photo/video manipulation provided).


  • After your order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation with details to a google drive folder where your files can be uploaded. You may then share that folder with anyone you desire (assure those you share with have valid google accounts).

  • Uploaded files must be provided in proper naming order (e.g. Photo 1, Photo 2...).

  • Please respect your selected amount of photos (50, 100, 150, 200), any additional files will be disregarded.

  • All necessary files must be uploaded in the drive within a 72 hour period.

  • Once confirmed all files are organized & ready, expect to receive your personalized video within 5 days. Rush option available upon request.


  • After you’ve received your video, you’re permitted one round of edits/changes free of charge - Afterwards any additional edits/changes will require an additional charge of $50/hour.

  • Videos will be delivered as 1920x1080(HD) .mp4 files. (Please note, final video length may slightly vary).

  • All client files will be permanently deleted & google drive access will be revoked after 15 days.


  • 12 hour policy - Customers have 12 hours after orders are placed to cancel with no cancellation fee. If cancelled after the 12 hour period, 50% cancellation fee is required.